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Transforming Spaces, Captivating Audiences, and Igniting Success with Bespoke Exhibition Design. Elevate Your Brand and Make a Lasting Impression. Partner with EMBART Today.

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We Create Awesome Stuff

EMBART is a leading provider of exhibition design, manufacturing, and construction services, serving clients across the United Kingdom, Europe. With a decade of experience in exhibition management, we are committed to creating exceptional spaces that reflect your individuality.

Creative Ideas

EMBART brings creative and innovative ideas to every exhibition project, ensuring that your space stands out and captivates your audience.

Tailored Designs

We specialize in creating bespoke exhibition designs that are tailored to your unique needs, reflecting your brand identity and maximizing your impact.

Client Support

We provide exceptional client support throughout the entire process, from initial concept development to on-site construction, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience

Pre-build Guarantee, everytime.

How We Work

At EMBART, collaboration and attention to detail drive our Bespoke Exhibition Design process. We develop innovative concepts and bring designs to life with craftsmanship and cutting-edge tech. From logistics planning to on-site installation, we ensure a stress-free experience. Partner with us for a streamlined approach to exhibition design that exceeds expectations.


At EMBART, our Bespoke Exhibition Design process delivers awe-inspiring results through collaboration and meticulous attention to detail.


Our team at EMBART pushes boundaries with innovative concepts, incorporating cutting-edge technologies and design approaches to create unforgettable exhibition experiences.


At EMBART, our Bespoke Exhibition Design process thrives on creativity, crafting unique and captivating exhibits that showcase the essence of each client's brand.


EMBART embraces experimentation in our Bespoke Exhibition Design, exploring new ideas and approaches to deliver fresh and impactful exhibition experiences.


We Are Here For You

Discover our comprehensive range of services at EMBART. We specialize in bespoke exhibition design, tailored to your brand and objectives. Our skilled team handles booth construction and installation, ensuring a captivating and hassle-free setup. With our expertise in graphic design and branding, we create compelling visuals that leave a lasting impression. Our dedicated project managers and logistics team ensure seamless execution from start to finish. Partner with us to elevate your exhibition experience and make a memorable impact.

Bespoke Exhibition Design

Our team specializes in creating tailored exhibition designs that align with your brand and objectives. From concept development to final execution, we ensure every detail reflects your identity and maximizes your impact.

Construction and Installation

We offer comprehensive booth construction and installation services to bring your exhibition space to life. Our skilled craftsmen handle the setup, allowing you to focus on engaging your attendees and making a memorable impression.

Graphic Design and Branding

Our graphic design team creates compelling visuals that enhance your brand presence. From captivating signage to engaging digital displays, we ensure your graphics effectively communicate your message and leave a lasting impression.

Management and Logistics

Our experienced project managers oversee every aspect of your exhibition project, ensuring a seamless execution. We handle planning, coordination, and logistics, keeping timelines on track and budgets in check.

We Are Unforgettable
We Are Innovative
We Are Impactful
We Are Creative
We Are Trusted

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Case Studies

Some Recent Projects

Explore transformative examples of our Bespoke Exhibition Design solutions. Our real-world collaborations and innovative designs have delivered remarkable results for diverse industries. From global brands to emerging companies, our case studies showcase our creative vision and meticulous execution. Witness the power of our unforgettable exhibition experiences in our portfolio.

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